Andy Heathershaw
Waggybytes Technology

About Solid Tools for Developers

Hi, I'm Andy Heathershaw - a software developer specialising in commercial .NET and open-source PHP and Go applications.

As well as software development, I also enjoy and participate in DevOps and general system administration (server management) activities.

To fulfil these roles, I used a raft of tools to help me - base-64 encoders, string length calculators, password generators, domain lookups, XML/XHTML encoders - to name but a few.

Most of these tools were standalone. For example: the base-64 encoder was run by a different company to the password generator. I found myself Google'ing for a tool each time I needed one because I could not remember where to go for each one.

I set out to make a suite of tools that had everything in one place, on an easy-to-remember address. And so Solid Tools for Developers ( was born.

Code named "toolbox" (because it was my developer toolbox), I released the first version in 2017 and have continued to add new tools since. I have many more in the pipeline.

I've written each of these free online debugging tools and so they all function and look the same. Any new tool I add will instantly be familiar to you if you've used any of the others.

Now operating under my own software brand, Waggybytes, you can report problems with any of the tools - or suggest the next one I should write!

Andy xx