Solid Tools for Developers

Tools for Developers

A collection of free, simple and useful online tools for software developers, web developers and network/system administrators.

Domain & DNS Tools



Use the Dig utility to look up domain names and records in the global Domain Name System.

Use the Domain WHOIS utility to look up the owner and registrar details of a domain name.

Check out what servers your domain allows mail to be sent from by using our SPF record analyser.

Network Tools

Use the AS Network WHOIS utility to look up the organisation responsible for an AS network.

Use the IP WHOIS utility to look up the assigned owner, abuse and technical contacts for an IP address or range.

Use the Ping utility to check if a host is alive and accessible from the Internet.

Use the Open Port Checker to check if a TCP port is open and accessible from the general Internet.

Examine the "hops" between the Solid Dev Tools server and an IP address or hostname endpoint, in either IPv4 or IPv6.

Use the What Is My IP? tool to lookup your current IP address - IPv4, IPv6 or both.

Software Development Tools

Use the Base64 Encoder & Decoder utility to convert a plain-text string to and from base64 encoding.

Use the String Length Calculator to count the number of characters in a string. A useful tool to quickly see if a string will exceed the length of a database field.

Use the URL Encoder & Decoder utility to convert a string that is suitable for use in a URL.

Use the XML/XHTML Encoder & Decoder utility to convert special characters in strings for use in XML and XHTML documents.

System Administrator Tools

Generate a number of secure passwords for use with root accounts, database system accounts or application administrator accounts.